Work with us

General Practitioners and Registrars

We are regularly looking for doctors to join our team – fully qualified GPs and registrars.

Our team places a very high value on providing a quality service that meets the needs of our local community, in their own town whenever possible.  We proudly practice a traditional, comprehensive style of family medicine that ranges from antenatal shared care, through the life span to residential aged care and palliative care of our own patients.   We are committed to the provision of an on-call and after hours service which is valued highly by our community, as well as admitting and servicing acute inpatients at Beechworth Hospital and weekly clinics at Beechworth Correctional Centre.  Consequently we offer a very broad range of experience to registrars as well as GPs who may have specific interests.

We enjoy a wonderful, warm cooperative workplace where our GPs practice very much as a team.  We have systems in place to support many of our GPs to practice part-time and value our regular clinical education meetings as much as the daily informal catch ups and debriefs with colleagues that are very much a part of working at Beechworth Surgery.  We have very strong relationships with our local health service partners, including Beechworth Health Service and Beechworth Pharmacy, in addition to many local allied health practitioners.

Beechworth Surgery has a very long and established commitment to education and we proudly boast that almost half our team of GPs are former registrars who decided to stay on or return to work at Beechworth Surgery after training with us!  Five of our current GPs are registrar supervisors and several are either current or former Medical Educators with the regional GP training network.

If you are interested in finding out more about possibly working in our fantastic town, please contact our practice manager to have a chat.